Professional and Personal Coaching

I give my highest recommendation to Elisabeth Gortschacher as a Coach and Coach Professor. Elisabeth has an incredible world vision, working every minute to help it be a better place by growing others and contributing to the world being in harmony.

We met virtually in March of 2013 as she was my Coach U Class Leaders. I learned so much from her classes and was intrigued by the depth and shift that she was able to create with such a large, diverse audience that I ask her if she would be my Coach.

I have accomplished more than ever in all areas of my life since Elisabeth is my Coach, this while transforming intensely both professionally and personally. I am forever grateful to Elisabeth for her presence and helping me reach my fullest potential and choosing to BE myself.

Elisabeth's professionalism to coaching, working to keep the highest standards is remarkable. I have worked with thousands of professionals throughout the world and Elisabeth is frankly one of the best I've seen. I am honored to know her and learn from one of the greats!

Elizabeth Champonnois
Premier Support Engineer Manager at Microsoft Gulf

Personal Branding DNA™Program and Certification

Elisabeth Gortschacher and the Personal Branding DNA™ program – highly recommended??

I can only assume that if you are contemplating Elisabeth Gortschacher as a coach or facilitator that you value integrity, authenticity and practicality. Take these as a given when you deal with Elisabeth. I want to highlight her professionalism and skill. She is one of the most skilled facilitators and coaches I have ever worked with. Her ability to listen, elicit and challenge; and to draw out truths and deliver insights, made my experience of the Personal Branding DNA™ program valuable and practical. Elisabeth made an excellent program extraordinary. I would trust her with my own clients and colleagues.

Jean Woo
Director, Personal Brand Management Pty Ltd

Personal Branding DNA™ certification with Elisabeth Gortschacher – highly recommended

The Personal Branding DNA™ certification process I undertook with Elisabeth Gortschacher was thorough, exacting and professional. The substance and the style of Elisabeth’s facilitation were excellent, in particular her coverage of the key Personal Branding DNA™concepts and her supportive presence during the sessions I delivered to my certification client. Elisabeth’s open sharing of her Personal Branding DNA™ experience is consistent with the spirit of the program. She is a gifted and generous facilitator.

Jean Woo
Director, Personal Brand Management Pty Ltd


The Personal Branding DNA™ process was challenging, rewarding, exciting, and most of all, enlightening. I learnt a great deal about myself on a deep level and now feel I’m aware of what I can rely on in difficult situations and also exactly what drives me to achieve. During my time spent with Elisabeth the process was handled with great care, insight and respect. I thoroughly recommend this process with Elisabeth to all entrepreneurs and those that are interested as an enjoyable way of stepping out of your everyday life, and taking an insightful journey inwards to discover the treasures hidden within.

Steve Ward
The World Bar www.theworldbar.com


You have given me the map to my life purpose and I will be eternally thankful. I have started the "Journey Healing" with a very gifted and intuitive healer. My path definitely will be as a healer and I am embracing this in a profound way.

Kathy Pollaers


Elisabeth is a truly authentic coach and leader who is making a remarkable difference in the world today. She is intuitively guided by a deep connection and devotion to her life purpose, which makes it a unique privilege, inspiration and joy to work with her.

These exceptional traits are the reasons why I chose to work with Elisabeth for many years, first as my life-changing mentor coach and Personal Branding (tm) Architect, and then as a World Leadership Day Ambassador during the early and exciting launch of World Leadership Day.

As an "archeaologist of the soul", Elisabeth is fulfilling her true calling and natural talent by bringing to light the authentic leader in all of her clients, whether young leaders, fellow coaches or business executives, so that they can shine in their own unique way in the world.

Working with Elisabeth is a very rare and inspiring opportunity to experience a quantum leap in your own personal development while being an integral part of the larger world change that Elisabeth's authentic leadership work is influencing! Highly recommend!

Elizabeth Kruempelmann
Independent Professional Training & Coaching Professional


Prior to Personal Branding DNA, like most people, I took life as it came, plodding along fairly aimlessly. I envied people who stepped out of their everyday lives and took a “sea-change.” I started the program at the time when I was unexpectedly retrenched at 53 y.o.

During the program I discovered that you had introduced me to myself. Throughout the program I was confronted with analysing myself. It was like an out of body experience whereby I looked at what motivates me.

Following the completion of the program I took control of my life, making determined decisions about what direction my life was to take. I decided that it was time for my own sea-change and combined my fundraising efforts for school children in Bali – with my love of travelling to Bali by starting my own business importing jewellery and accessories from Bali. I am doing now what I love to do most. I now meet challenges with confidence, feel positive about my life’s direction and feel totally in control and life has never been better.

Marilyn Murray
Rainbows For Children, Sydney


Elisabeth your style is just perfect for the Personal Branding DNA™ Program. Extremely available and caring for the success and results of the client. Ready to deepen all aspects and offer really a 360 degree coaching as whenever other aspects of the person emerge you have always been ready and committed to take care of all other aspects that could take attention away from the program or that, at that stage were important to be addressed. Thanks

Camilla Cesari Bologna, Italia


Elisabeth & I worked on Personal Branding and the experience was superlative. I branded her an "Archeologist of the Soul!" Very intuitive, learned, and committed to her craft. Elisabeth is a superb coach and a pleasure to work with. Our work helped clarify and focus my life - an invaluable experience.

Adria Firestone
Speaker, Career Coach, Presentation Skills Expert, Author


The journey of the Personal Branding DNA process has been life transforming for me. By the end of the third week, I knew with unshakable clarity what is unique about me and what my life purpose is. The morning after my fourth session, I woke up and cried. I suddenly saw the Master Plan of my life unfolding in front of my eyes – how everything I have done in my life and in the exact sequence, along with all the adversities I had conquered, fitted together and had brought me to Personal Branding DNA and to remembering my life purpose. My clients feel equally transformed by the process and an exciting new world opens for them.

Elisabeth Gortschacher
Own Testimonial, December 2003

Uniqueness Profiling

This has been powerful and profound, and I have had many instances of greater awareness.  The Personal Branding DNA Map was a big ‘a-ha’ process for me, as it provided a vehicle for me to recognise the importance of aspects of me (such as the importance of colour and creativity) which I hadn’t given appropriate ‘air time’ to before this.

Entrepreneurial Enterprise Development

As an entrepreneur with high standards towards building the ideal company, it is to my necessity to partner with individuals who will contribute significantly to the progress of my enterprise with the masterful skills they are able to provide. Elisabeth Gortschacher offers an unparalleled coaching experience, which she displays through the expression of authenticity, enthusiastic listening, spontaneous and respectful sharing of ideas, allowing for a genuine and powerful learning experience. Behind her entrepreneurial mindset lies a generous and audacious person enabling a smooth and enjoyable practical work throughout the journey of growing a strong business.

General Manager, People & Ideas™

Spiritual Trademark

Enriching, profound, fun, challenging and extremely valuable: it has given me a much clearer and deeper understanding of who I am.  I feel a quiet inner confidence about who I am and what I am about.  Knowing who you are takes out the guesswork. Through this knowledge, I have gained a great sense of calm, and I feel that my future paths are clearer: because I know so much more who I am, I feel that I also have a much greater understanding of where I am, where I want to be in the future, and what I need to do and who I need to be to get there. And this calm is, I know, visible to others.

Mentor Coaching

The major benefit of working with Elisabeth as a mentor coach was that she helped me identify and stay centered around my truth and vision. She was very supportive and wanted more for me which helped me raise my self-confidence and move into action. As a result the major shift was for me to stop chasing clients and instead develop a heart to heart relationship with them based on my vision. It was a shift because more than an intellectual concept it was something I experienced profoundly.

What was also amazing working with Elisabeth was after 3 months I met every single objectives I set for myself without realising it. I think what made this coaching so successful is that we went to a deep level and dealt with the root cause of things. For instance I was able to start doing sports when it had been years I knew I had to do and yet could not find the courage to do it.

Finally, Elisabeth is a fully dedicated coach who went beyond our initial contract to make our coaching relationship a success. I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to make deep and sustainable changes in his/her life.

Patrick Champonnois, MBA, ACC Agility Zone SARL, Paris

Coaching Services to the UN WFP Staff

As a participating coach in a program agreed between the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), I provided coaching services to WFP staff.
The coaching sessions conducted included:

  • A debrief on each participant’s 360 report to recognize strengths and areas of further development
  • Discussion focusing on specific issues identified by the participants which arose from the 360 report
  • Discussion on a personal development action plan

WFP is the world's largest humanitarian agency: on average, distributing food to 90 million people each year, including 58 million hungry children in 80 of the world's poorest countries. For more information visit WFP

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