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Have you recently entertained the idea of becoming a Social Entrepreneur? You are not alone. Social Entrepreneurship as a Career Choice soars. Why?

Because today’s Social Entrepreneurs are:

  • Business-savvy as evidenced by the growing number of for-profit enterprises.
  • Holistic thinkers who believe in an integrated approach, breaking down walls that traditionally separated government, business and the not-for-profit sectors.
  • Millennials and other young people are seeking meaning in their lives and work.

Are you considering becoming a Social Entrepreneur, because you:

  • See big opportunities where others see big problems?
  • Feel a fundamental desire to help people?
  • Have a strong passion and commitment to improve the lives of others to give them a better chance in life?
  • Feel compelled to change the human condition?
  • Have a deep desire at this stage in your life to give back?

Whatever your reason, the number of ways you can make a difference as Social Entrepreneur are as numerous as the problems.

If you are attracted to social entrepreneurship, check out our Transition to Social Entrepreneur Coaching Program. Why would you want to go it alone when you can enjoy full support?


Transition to Social Entrepreneur is an exclusive, individualised two-part Coaching Program designed to ignite your passion and optimise your Social Entrepreneurial Success. Whether you are building your Social Entrepreneurial Enterprise or transition into your Social Entrepreneur Career, together we will make your journey meaningful and personal rewarding.

Social Entrepreneur Transition Process - Part I

Using a coach approach and facilitation, together we will:

  • Explore Ideas and Opportunities
  • Build your Core Foundation for Social Entrepreneurial Success
  • Decide on your preferred and best suited Social Entrepreneurial Path: Social Entrepreneurial Enterprise or Social Entrepreneur Career
  • Plan for your chosen Social Entrepreneurial Path - Social Entrepreneurial Enterprise or Social Entrepreneur Career
  • Get Started: Start your Start-up Social Entrepreneurial Enterprise or Initiate your Social Entrepreneur Career

Social Entrepreneur Transition Process - Part II

For the Start-up of your Social Entrepreneurial Enterprise:

Using a coach approach and facilitation, we will be your catalyst and guide:

  • From Start-up through the Four Distinct Stages of Social Enterprise Maturity
  • In developing your essential business skills, soft skills, leadership skills, capabilities, and agile leadership style that is required at distinct stages of enterprise maturity
  • In dealing with uncertainty, ambiguity and the unexpected

For Entering your Social Entrepreneur Career

Using a coach approach and facilitation, we will be your guide and anchor:

  • During your research of Social Enterprise Organisations that focus on the area of social change you are passionate about and stand for 
  • In exploring your options and choices and making your final decision
  • In preparing your job application
  • In preparing for the interview, including mock interview if desired
  • During the first three months in your Social Entrepreneur Career

More Information

If you interested in learning more about how the Transition to Social Entrepreneur Coaching Program can help you making a successful transition to Social Entrepreneurship, and enjoy meaningful work, Contact me today to receive a 45 minute complimentary strategy session.

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