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World Leadership Day: 20 March 2021 - Mark Your Calendar

Please join us in celebrating the 15th World Leadership Day - Yes the 15th. It's amazing!

It's a wonderful day for inspiring leadership conversations across generations, gender and culture, and for learning with and from each other.

It's a great opportunity to plant seeds of authentic leadership, for adding the nurturing spark, anticipating the emerging young buds and enjoying and celebrating the blossoms as they emerge.


In early 2014, Founder and Global Director World Leadership Day, Elisabeth Gortschacher, stepped back as global leader of World Leadership Day and gifted Dr Morne Mostert, World Leadership Day Ambassador South Africa with World Leadership Day and its Legacy. As of 8th January 2014, Dr Morne Mostert, well-known academic and business advisor, became the Owner and New President of World Leadership Day

Since launching World Leadership Day on 20 March 2007 in Sydney, Australia with members of Legacy Creators Worldwide, the forerunner of World Leadership Day (2004 - 2007) and a group of twenty delegates by personal invitation, Elisabeth, over seven (7) years developed World Leadership Day into a credible and influential global platform for grassroots leadership transformation across five continents.

As the former World Leadership Day Ambassador for South Africa and founder of Leadership Options, Mostert brings extensive leadership expertise to the role. His specialisation is in Leadership Cognition, including Systems Thinking and strategic Thinking. He is the author of the influential book Systemic Leadership Learning - Leadership Development in the Era of Complexity.

Mostert aims to grow World Leadership Day into a global force of excellence and thought leadership through committed global World Leadership Day Ambassadors, all of whom are thought leaders and regional influencers. The annual global World Leadership Day event, which celebrates leadership in all its facets, occurs in March. For more information contact the President World Leadership Day Dr Mostert's office at info@leadershipoptions.co.za

Elisabeth, with gratitude, extends a heart-felt thank you to Legacy Creators Worldwide and all former and current World Leadership Day Ambassadors and the thousands of people across the globe (many working behind the scene), who have made World Leadership Day an inspiring and transformational journey since its inception on March 20 (official WLD) 2007.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU goes to all of you, who not only believed in World Leadership Day's Vision and Mission but wholeheartedly embraced it during its early stages where support was most needed.

The World Leadership Day Story

The World Leadership Day Story provides a glimpse into its journey and it's mark on the world. It's an appreciation of the contributions of our past and present World Leadership Day Ambassadors who made it possible for World Leadership Day having a presence in 28 Countries across 5 Continents since its launch. You can access the  WLD Story here  

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