Your Uniqueness Profile™

How can you understand life if you do not first understand yourself and who you are? If you don’t know what is distinguishing about you?

I am certain that you know that you are unique. The real question is, can you clearly articulate those unique and distinguishable characteristics about yourself so that others get it? If you don’t, know that you are not alone.

The challenge with identifying and articulating your uniqueness is that there is not just ONE thing that distinguishes you. It is an accumulation, a combination of strengths, talents, passions, memories, experience, background, upbringing, and more.

Uniqueness Profiling

I will help you identify what’s distinguishable about you by discovering those unique strengths, talents and passions through a process known as mind mapping.

Mind mapping is a way of making associations that help narrow the focus. We call it the Personal Branding DNA™ Map.

Benefits for being able to clearly articulate your uniqueness

  • You present yourself in a natural and authentic way
  • Your confidence in yourself soars as your values, strengths and talents are given full expression
  • Your need to compete diminishes and eventually disappears
  • You’ll stand out naturally because no one can imitate your uniqueness
  • You attract the right business and professional opportunities because you walk your talk

If you would like to enrol in the Uniqueness Profiling or know more about it, please contact me now to schedule a 30 minute obligation-free strategy session.

* This program is based on the core Personal Branding DNA™ program, founded and originated by Genece Hamby.

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