From Idea to Global Impact

Are you longing to make a positive impact in the world? Do you want to dedicate yourself to what gives your life meaning and purpose? Do you want to invest your energy in what can be rather than what is? Do you have an idea that could have a global impact but lack the "know-how" to make it happen?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, you may have found your coaching partner to guide you along your journey 'From Idea to Global Impact.'

From Idea to Global Impact

From Idea to Global Impact is a new individualised and customised transformational coaching program, designed for visionary leaders from all walks of life who wish to have a global impact and be knowingly transformed by the process and the journey.

It is a journey into the unknown and will take on its own momentum.  It's a journey of possibilities, surprises and challenges.  It's a journey into the deeper dimensions of your being and an awakening to your greatness. It's a journey of self-transformation as you transform the world.

Is now the time to act? 

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than the things you did do. So throw of the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour.  Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." ~ attributed to Mark Twain but cannot be verified.

Sailing as Metaphor

We are using the Sailing Metaphor as a framework for the journey 'From Idea to Global Impact' as there are striking parallels. It sets the context and direction.  It is strong and effective.  It has fundamental elements in common with your journey, and like sailing, your journey will be unique.

It's an adventurous journey into the unknown. You'll experience invisible power and unimaginable beauty when you least expect it; being alert to and ready to act to the unexpected; confront and transcend your fears and limitations; stretch your capabilities beyond what you thought was possible.

You will evolve your leadership to embrace uncertainty and the unknown, learn to trust your judgments and decision-making; learn to operate in highs and lows from an even keel; expect to run before you can walk.

Fundamental Elements

The following fundamental elements provide the foundation for your journey From Idea to Global Impact:

  • The Big Picture: See the Big Picture; Cultivate Big Picture Thinking
  • The Yacht*: Grounded in Your Core identity; Explore Possibility Thinking; Harness Creative Thinking
  • Planning: Visioning, Utilise Strategic Thinking
  • Equipment: Innate Compass; Win-Win Attitude; Expand Skill Sets, Capabilities and Expertise
  • Environmental Conditions: Anticipate changing Conditions; Exercise Choice where there is Control; Adjust where there is No Control
  • Yacht Handling: Engage Shared Thinking; Maintain Forward Momentum; Embody Agility; Clear Communication, Responsibilities and Accountabilities
  • Reserves: Cultivate a Reserve Mindset

* The Yacht represents You. You are the driving force; the spark for action and forward momentum. Everything starts and stops with you.

In ensuring your holistic success, we complement the fundamental elements with coaching drawn from relevant areas of our expertise in coaching and facilitation.

If this journey inspires you, and you want to enrol or learn more, please contact me today to arrange a 30-minute obligation-free strategy session.

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