Thank you for visiting our home on the web. 

I am Elisabeth Gortschacher, Founder of E.E.G. Coaching Pty Ltd.

Our resource area will grow over time. 

Here is an overview of what you will find now

News Post

Here we will post a variety of news that will include

  • Celebrating important achievements of social entrepreneurs and people that inspire our work in the world
  • Giving a voice to people who may be starting out on their social entrepreneurial journey
  • Announcing events that may be of value to people who feel aligned with our work
  • Introducing new services
  • Brief review of books or research relevant to our work
  • Learning and development we are involved in
  • Courtesy offers of our programs from time to time


Here we will post frequently asked questions.  Currently you will find answers to Questions related to

  • Leadership
  • ICF Credentialing


Here you will find a Note to Journalists who may be looking for specific expertice


Here you will find Testimonials related to 

  • Professional and Personal Coaching
  • Personal Branding DNATM
  • Personal Branding DNATM Certification
  • Life Purpose
  • Uniqueness ProfilingTM
  • Entrepreneurial Enterprise Development
  • Spiritual Trademark
  • Mentor Coaching
  • Recognition for Coaching Services to the UN WFP Staff

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