Hope for Freedom: Collaborate to combat human trafficking

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There is real hope on the horizon for combating human trafficking.

It was March 2007, yet it feels like yesterday, when I was listening with a heavy heart and disbelief to a keynote speaker at the launch of World Leadership Day in Sydney Australia. In the case study on human trafficking, the speaker presented all the avenues he pursued to find the daughter of a friend that was a victim of human trafficking. What was so heart-breaking and deeply disappointing was that all the organisation, which existed to deal with human trafficking, responded that there was nothing they could do because it was out of their jurisdiction. Unbelievable! What was their role really?

So this morning when I read the Google Alert: “Engaging Together: Business leaders collaborate to combat human trafficking” I truly felt freedom on the horizon. Human trafficking is $150 billion worldwide industry and combating it is a huge undertaking.

This weekend the Alliance for Freedom, Restoration and Justice (AFRJ) is teaming up with the Freedom Business Alliance (FBA) for an Engage Together Conference for Business Leaders to be held at the Chick-fil-A Headquarters and International Conference Center in Atlanta.

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