Fundamental Social Transformation - Finland Leading the Way

Tags: Finland, universal state-facilitated payment, social entrepreneur, humanitarian, social transformation, creative, entrepreneurial, spirit

The Finnish Social Insurance Institution's work for a proposal for a universal state-facilitiated payment for every Finnish citizen, is a heart-warming and truly fundamental social transformation initiative.  If fully implemented it would provide EVERY CITIZEN with a monthly tax-free payment of 800 Euros ($1218 USD). This initiative will:

  • Lift the spirit of Finland's citizen, and inspire seasoned and aspiring social entrepreneurs across the world. 
  • Remove the stigma of "Welfare" that on a deep level impacts a person's self-worth and dignity
  • As intended "...provide more stability in citizens’ lives, allowing them to more freely pursue more creative, entrepreneurial, and humanitarian endeavors!."  

Congratulations Finland for reigniting people's spirit and leading the world into a brighter future.  

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