Perfection: An Illusion or an Awakening to Your Truth?

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The topic "The Illusion of Perfection" in Robert Fritz's in one of his newsletters caught my attention.  And for the first time as a long-term follower of his writings, I found myself to differ from his expressed views. Fritz starts out with a quote by Richard Bach, which he labelled as a typical New Age notion.

"There is such a thing as perfection...and our purpose for living is to find that perfection and show it forth..."

Firstly, Fritz questions whether that (finding that perfection) is really our purpose for living.  He then cites what he calls 'built-in assumptions" that need to be questioned. Thirdly, he gives a historical account of the concept of perfection as seen and proposed over the ages - by the ancient Greeks, Plato, Eastern religions such as Hinduism, Aristotle and more.  From this review it is evident to me that they all believed in the notion of perfection but differed in the way perfection was obtained.  This makes perfect sense.  As we evolve we see and perceive things differently. 

Having been on a conscious evolution path since 2004, Perfection has taken on a total different meaning for me.  Perfection is already within each and everyone of us.  The drive for perfection is a search for wholeness - for the expression of our authentic self that has always been and always will be within us - it is perfect.

Yes, I do embrace that our purpose for living is to find (I'll say find again) that perfection - as we may have lost connection through social conditioning. It is through our authentic self and the expression of our unique gifts that we contribute in service to others, joyful and effortless.  It is not an obligation and it doesn't feel like one.  

Fritz's exploration and discussion around "mandate a life-purpose that is ordained, in which there is no free choice" has no meaning for me.

Is it free will or ordained?  I don't know!  Is it important for me to know?  No!

Stop and Reflect

I invite you to take a moment in silence to reflect what Perfection means to you? Is it an Illusion or an Awakening to Your Truth? Or is it something else?

Elisabeth Gortschacher ©2017 All Rights Reserved

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